The seminar on “Information Security and Digital Transformation: Multidimensional Perspectives from Leading Experts”

On the morning of October 18th, we – Spatial Decisions, in collaboration with the Information [...]

Smarter Thanh Hoa City

Pictured here are representatives of Spatial Decisions, Spatial Decisions Vietnam, and delegates from Thanh Hoa [...]

Geospatial Technology’s huge role in the Amazon Rainforest Fire

The Amazon forest has been burning for days now. To those living in other parts [...]

Smart Cities of the world

Smart city… every city government aspires to be one. It’s a complicated undertaking which entails [...]

Volcanoes of the World

The country of Indonesia hosts the most number of historically active volcanoes in the world. [...]

National Conference on Sustainable Development 2019

Hanoi, Vietnam The focus of this event is on Circular Economy, Private Public Partnership and [...]

Landsat Workshop hosted by Vietnam National Space Agency

Through our networks, we were invited to attend a Landsat Workshop held at the Vietnam [...]

MoU signing between Spatial Decisions and Institute for Construction and Urban Economics

Last October 16th, within the confines of the Ministry of Construction (MOC), Spatial Decisions (SD) [...]

A trip to Thanh Hoa

A week ago our team carried out a much needed ocular visit to Thanh Hoa [...]

Realizing the potential of Ha Giang Province

Tucked away on the remote northeast region is Ha Giang Province. The province shares its [...]