Realizing the potential of Ha Giang Province

Tucked away on the remote northeast region is Ha Giang Province. The province shares its borders with China and its population is compromised of 22 ethnicities. It’s capital, Ha Giang City (formerly a town), was upgraded to a provincial city in 2010. Ha Giang province, in general, thrives on agriculture and tourism as its primary sources of revenues. However, it needs to be pointed out that much of the province is too mountainous for agriculture activities.

Much of the province is mountainous.

Spatial Decisions made a visit to Ha Giang Province as a representative of Anarock, an Indian real-estate services company. Anarock wants to make investments in Vietnam in the form of resorts, hotels, villas etc. Spatial Decisions see the huge potential of Ha Giang in terms of tourism like homestays and a place where tourists can experience different ethnic cultures. We also see the need for Ha Giang to upgrade its transportation options to become accessible and benefit from tourism traffic from its more tourist-popular neighboring provinces.

Anarock and SD are not the first companies to see the potentials of Ha Giang. According to the People’s Committee, Ha Giang has been tapped as a potential location for testing electric cars and there are also solid plans to build a commercial center and an airport near Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. We will work closely with Ha Giang in the coming months to make development plans to help improve its situation.

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