Updating Thematic Map for Alive and Thrive Vietnam on WebGIS and Printable Format

Client: Alive and Thrive Project, FHI360 Vietnam | Duration: July 2012 – August 2012 | Location: Vietnam

About: With the shift from server-centric Web GIS infrastructure to Cloud-centric infrastructure meant that this very useful technology is better accessible for limited resource project. Alive and Thrive project in Vietnam has been using GIS in various ways including decisions making strategic planning, and information dissemination. However, prior to the implementation of Web GIS there was no effective way to disseminate project information.

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based GIS service which supports hosting of data and exposing it as services to be consumed by various web API. The project includes leveraging existing GIS tools and data available at Alive and Thrive project and hosting “Vietnam Nutrition Coverage by International Agencies 2013” Web GIS. The leveraging means there were no significant cost burden on the client while they were able to better access and disseminate the project information rapidly and to a wider audience.

Specific tasks included:

  • Conduct business analysis on web application and its usage.

  • Successfully  design  and  lead  the  software  development,  implementation, testing, and  rollout  of  Web GIS:”Vietnam Nutrition Coverage by International Agencies- 2013”

  • Project reporting and overall management