Client: Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power | Duration: Feb – Mar 2008 | Location: India

While the new commercial buildings are being targeted through the ECBC, there is a need to take up existing commercial buildings for retrofit energy efficiency projects.The requisite information, as per BEE requirements, was collected from each of the state capitals, by individually studying and documenting specific buildings, by using information on LEED certified buildings provided by the CII-Green Business Council, and from reviewing building approval applications available in the offices of MoEF.

Key Tasks Achieved

  • Prepare a database of all buildings that comply with the ECBC, at least including those which are part of any one or more of the initiatives by CII, Teri-Griha.
  • Conduct a survey of (non-governmental) 10 commercial buildings (non-ECBC compliant) in each one of the 5 climatic zones of the country as defined by the National Building Code and ECBC.
  • Suggest measures to set up an institutional mechanism to collect and collate data relating to new commercial buildings from various sources.
  • Collect data on all government buildings in all state capitals of the country