Client: Assam Climate Change Management Society (ACCMS) | Duration: Dec 2022 – Aug 2023 | Location: Assam, India

The initiation of this study is to evaluate the flood risk (flood-prone regions), climate vulnerability, and develop short-term and long-term adaptation/resilience interventions in order to futureproof the town. The objectives are to conduct risk and vulnerability assessment for Dibrugarh town (municipality) in terms of urban flooding with respect to climate change. To develop a climate-resilient flood management plan for the town of Dibrugarh (municipality), proposing recommendations for climate adaptation/resilience encompassing blue-green interventions. To develop a monitoring and evaluation framework along with describing the indicators that would be used to measure the overall progress of the project.

Key Tasks Achieved

  • Geospatial and on-ground analysis of existing blue-green infrastructure, flood risks and various urban aspects of Dibrugarh city.
  • Flood risk and climate change vulnerability assessment.
  • Formulate climate resilience plan for Dibrugarh town particularly from the urban flood risk mitigation point of view
  • Develop recommendations for short-term and long-term adaptation interventions as part of the study or flood management plan in resonance with the available master plan for the city.
  • Identify adaptation/resilience interventions as recommendations, comprising of both grey and blue-green interventions (nature-based solutions) but also conducive to the growth of the town, for example, upgradation of natural drainage, rejuvenation of wetlands, increase green cover, creation of open space, improve air quality etc.
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework.