Preparation of GIS Base Map / Multi-Purpose Household Survey and Socio Economic Survey under IHSDP in Singrauli Town of Madhya Pradesh

Client: Urban Administration & Development Department (UADD), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) | Duration: July 2011 – March 2015 | Location: India

About: Under the Madhya Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor programme with UADD Govt. of MP, to facilitate the range of project activities anticipated for Singrauli, it was proposed to develop a GIS basemap derived from high-resolution satellite imagery & socio-economic household survey to develop a common geospatial Database. Using this imagery, a preliminary vector database was anticipated to be developed based on existing GIS data as well as the creation of new data. This geospatial database covers approximately 280 sq. km and was developed using “Quick Bird” true colour composite imagery. This imagery was acquired at the outset of the project period to ensure most recent data was obtained. Overlaying this imagery, the municipal wards, and each and every household and slums are identified by the field team. The entire set of information is compiled as user-friendly geo-database.

(Total Number Of HH’s = 40,000)

Procurement of Quick Bird satellite imagery products, assistance in procurement, and development of vector geo-database comprising, line features and polygonal features, complete with attribution. Specific activities involved:

  • Base map creation using Quick Bird Imagery

  • DGPS Survey for Capturing Ground Control Points (GCPs)

  • Socio-Economic Household field survey Field for approx. 40,000

  • properties & Slums

  • Integration of Socio-economic survey data with GIS layer to create

  • Development of GIS database using RDBMS concept

  • Setting Data Quality and Verification Standards

  • Designing Training Manual and Guidance Document

  • Organizing and conducting training Programme