Spatial Decisions conducts GIS Workshop at GreenID

Last 13th of November, Mr. Charlemagne of Spatial Decisions Vietnam held a workshop at GreenID about the applicability of Geographic Information System in the Renewable Energy sector. The workshop is the first of many aimed at building up the GIS capacity of GreenID.

For this workshop, Mr. Charlemagne discussed the basic concepts of GIS, the benefits, and application in the renewable energy sector as well as guided the participants in an interactive activity wherein the participants were encouraged to go outside and map real-world features and view these captured data in real-time in a GIS web application.

To conclude the workshop, the participants were asked about what they learned about GIS and how they see the potential use in their projects. The results of the discussion will be used to structure future workshops. Spatial Decisions Vietnam will be closely working with GreenID to help them achieve their goals using geospatial technology.

GreenID is a Vietnamese NGO that aims to promote sustainable, green solutions. To know more about GreenID, please check them out link