Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Program (R-APDRP) Project


About: Dhoraji is a large and flourishing town on the banks of small river Safura, a branch of the river Bhadar. Dhoraji is a city and a municipality in Rajkot district in the state of Gujarat, India.

The aim of electric network mapping is strengthening and up-gradation of the sub-transmission, and distribution system in the country with the following objectives: reducing aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses; improving quality of supply of power; increasing revenue collection; and improving consumer satisfaction.

This project required GIS mapping of electrical assets i.e. high-tension pole, high-tension line segment, transformer, DTR, fuse, primary meter, switch, low-tension pole, and low-tension line segment for Dhoraji town, Gujarat. Field data have been collected as per the R-APDRP standard data model, and these data to be linked in the all-electrical asset. In this project consumer, indexing is also surveyed and mapped. After the survey and mapping of all electrical assets and consumer location / indexing, we generated the topology and geometric network connectivity in the ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 environment.