GIS Technology-based Management for Power Transmission Grid

Client: EVNNPT | Duration: November 19 2018 – Ongoing | Location: Vietnam

NPT’s goal is to deploy an Enterprise-GIS is for managing and operating the transmission grid at present, as well as to facilitate the planning, building, and operating smart transmission in the age of Industry 4.0. The project is designed to provide direction to the use of “GIS technology-based technical management for power transmission grid” for the National Power Transmission Corporation. Its implementation will cover (i) NPT’s headquarter; (ii) PTCs, PMBs, and NPTS’s office; (iii) Operation management centers, related teams of PTCs, PMBs, and NPTS; and (iv) 220-500kV substations and transmission lines managed by PTCs.

The overall goal of the project design and implementation is to enable the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT), a member of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), to deploy a Geographic Information System (GIS) over NPTs service territory.

Specific tasks include:

  • Overall project coordination
  • Project technical support
  • Develop training, materials, and summary feedback of understanding of GIS
  • Assessment of NPT business workflow and business challenges to be addressed using Enterprise GIS
  • Assessment report of current IT, Communications, and Security of NPT and propose what is needed to support Enterprise GIS
  • Prepared Feasibility Report
  • Assessment report on identifying and applying Enterprise GIS to NPT to manage and operate the transmission grid
  • Developed a five (5) year road map of modernization of Enterprise GIS for NPT
  • Prepared detailed draft documents for procurement/bidding document for next stage