What we are really good at

Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning

We plan for future cities, with sustainability at the very core of every plan we make. Reach out to learn how we prepared cities to be ready for global urbanization and how cities are engineered for future sustainability challenges.

More information about our select planning projects here.


By employing established and modern planning approaches, we help create plans for current and future cities to ensure the effects of climate change are minimized.

More information about our select climate change projects here.

GIS Solutions

We love maps! We use GIS to help our clients derive insights, patterns, and analytics that simply cannot be communicated by documents, tables, or charts! We specialize in creating map products served traditionally and thru modern means such as data-driven, web-based GIS dashboards and applications.

More information about our select GIS projects here.


We help utility companies improve their business efficiencies. Learn more about our solutions.

More information about our select utilities projects here.


We are passionate about designing. Our design portfolio includes buildings, shopping complexes, healthcare infrastructures, a large aquarium complex, and even a zoo!

More information about our design projects here.


We provide innovative IoT (Internet of Things) driven smart solutions. Let us help you be ready for Industry 4.0. Thru our technology partners, we can help improve the efficiency of your city-governance. Learn more


We bring life to rooftops and designing sustainable green buildings. Re-imagining the boring rooftops with a social place to hang out with friends, family, and co-workers!