Envisioning Thanh Hoa as a Smart City

On November 14th, our team set out to conduct a workshop focusing on Smart City initiatives we have envisioned for Thanh Hoa City. It was attended by members of the Thanh Hoa People’s Committee and city officials. There are many Smart City initiatives which are being implemented in other parts of the globe, but our understanding of the current situation of Thanh Hoa City led us to prioritize initiatives that will bring immediate impact to the city, which include.

1. Smart Tourism: Utilizing web GIS story maps, the application of AR and VR to promote smart tourism and heritage appreciation.

2. Smart Property Tax System and Land Management: the utilization of web GIS towards increased tax collection and effective land inventory, planning, and management.

3. Smart Waste Management: IoT based solution to efficiently collect trash, and optimized vehicle routing.

4. Smart Street Lighting and city surveillance: IoT based solution towards urban safety, energy efficiency, electric cost savings, and lower city’s carbon footprint.

5. Smart Parking: Digital means of managing parking spaces in the city.

6. Smart Metering for Electric and Water: Detect leakages, reduce manual work and using the saved resources to sustain growth and development.

In the coming months, Spatial Decisions will be working alongside Thanh Hoa City to tighten up implementing prioritized initiatives.