Key Features:

  • Create a 3D digital model of the project.
  • Plan and schedule construction progress linked to a visual 3D model.
  • Detect conflicts between MEPF drawings and architectural plans.
  • Cross-reference actual progress and planned progress on the visual 3D model, alerting on delays.
  • Manage construction quality.
  • Automatically provide as-built drawings.
  • Support acceptance testing using manual or automated methods.

Planning and Construction Progress:

  • Create a visual 3D model of the project from 2D drawings.
  • Detect conflicts between MEPF drawings and architectural plans.
  • Plan construction progress associated with the visual 3D model.

Cross-referencing Actual Progress with Planned Progress:

  • Update actual progress.
  • Compare with the planned progress.
  • Alert for any delays.

Construction Quality Management:

  • Display detailed information for each category: Contractor, standards, technical information.

Project Progress Overview Dashboard:

  • Provide an overview of the overall project progress.
  • Easily customizable to display crucial information.


  • Saves time in resolving clashes between architecture and service drawings.
  • Saves cost before the construction.
  • Gives the current status of the constructed buildings.
  • Day-to-day updates of any deviation from the original timeline can be detected.
  • Provide Post Construction 2D drawings, after the construction.
  • Stage-wise as-built drawing is provided until the final handover.
  • Complete Automatic BOQ data in Excel sheet.
  • A good validation with the manual BOQ prepared by the client/ site engineer.
  • Validation of the construction phase or the current status through manual (pictures/videos) and automatic (Scan to BIM, Navvis) validation.