Unified Real Estate Business Platform

Key Features:

  • Simulate the 3D environment around the project according to the day-night timeline and weather conditions (sun/rain).
  • Select and display the distance and travel time from the project to nearby welfare constructions and amenities on a 3D map.
  • Display complete information about the project, buildings, and apartments.
  • Simulate the 3D environment of the project’s amenities (swimming pool, playground, gym, etc.).
  • Filter apartments by building, floor, direction, and area.
  • Simulate a furniture tour inside each apartment, 3D view from the balcony of each apartment.
  • Compare information (apartment blueprints, technical information, etc.) between different apartments.
  • Share information about the apartments of interest to customers via email and social networks.
  • Integrate a specialized CRM system for real estate business.

Explore the surrounding amenities:

Visually display the distance and travel time from the project to amenities and favorite places such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and recreational areas…

Choose and interact with each building

  • Display full project information
  • Easily select individual buildings

Details of each floor and apartment.

  • Easily choose each floor, each apartment.
  • Fully display information for each apartment.
  • Display the actual view from the balcony.

Compare units and request consultation:

  • Easily compare apartments to choose the most suitable one.
  • Send consultation requests to the sales team.
  • Share information about favorite apartments via email.


  • Sell faster at site locations
  • Realistic future environment display
  • 3D exterior views of every corner
  • 40% increase in buyer engagement
  • 3D modeling helps property investors
  • Reach a broader audience of potential buyers, not only locally but also from remote locations

3D technology enables the creation of unique and engaging advertising content, making the projects stand out in a competitive market.

  • Reduces the need for in-person property viewings
  • Saving time and energy for both sellers and buyers.
  • Demonstrates innovation and professionalism in the company
  • Boosting credibility and building trust with customers.

Benefits brought to customers:

  • Explore and interact with the 3D models
  • Realistic view
  • Direct engagement with the properties they are interested to know more
  • Allows to view special features of the properties, such as balconies, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.
  • A clear understanding of the property’s potential and value.
  • Pre-visualize the layout and interior space of apartments or buildings
  • Informed and precise purchasing decisions
  • Reducing the risk of buyer’s remorse.
  • View properties remotely
  • Avoid physical visits to multiple locations.
  • Efficient research and selection process.