Online interactive real estate business platform

Key Features:

“Comprehensive, visual information, allowing direct interaction with projects on a web platform.

Easily select the desired apartment by building and floor with a realistic view from the balcony. Explore nearby project amenities and benefits like parks, schools, hospitals… on an intuitive map. Compare multiple apartments to choose the most preferred one. Enhance sales efficiency and customer service quality by integrating and synchronizing data with a specialized CRM system for real estate business.”

Explore the surrounding amenities:

Visually display the distance and travel time from the project to amenities and favorite places such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and recreational areas…

Choose and interact with each building

  • Display full project information
  • Easily select individual buildings

Details of each floor and apartment.

  • Easily choose each floor, each apartment.
  • Fully display information for each apartment.
  • Display the actual view from the balcony.

Compare units and request consultation:

  • Easily compare apartments to choose the most suitable one.
  • Send consultation requests to the sales team.
  • Share information about favorite apartments via email.


  • Sell faster at site locations
  • Realistic future environment display
  • 3D exterior views of every corner
  • 40% increase in buyer engagement
  • 3D modeling helps property investors
  • Reach a broader audience of potential buyers, not only locally but also from remote locations

3D technology enables the creation of unique and engaging advertising content, making the projects stand out in a competitive market.

  • Reduces the need for in-person property viewings
  • Saving time and energy for both sellers and buyers.
  • Demonstrates innovation and professionalism in the company
  • Boosting credibility and building trust with customers.

Benefits brought to customers:

  • Explore and interact with the 3D models
  • Realistic view
  • Direct engagement with the properties they are interested to know more
  • Allows to view special features of the properties, such as balconies, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.
  • A clear understanding of the property’s potential and value.
  • Pre-visualize the layout and interior space of apartments or buildings
  • Informed and precise purchasing decisions
  • Reducing the risk of buyer’s remorse.
  • View properties remotely
  • Avoid physical visits to multiple locations.
  • Efficient research and selection process.