Key Features:

  • Manage assets based on a visual 3D model.
  • Plan and implement maintenance and servicing.
  • Integrate with Building Management System (BMS).
  • Manage building space using a visual 3D model.

Intuitive and Convenient Dashboard:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Mobile application.
  • Connect and synchronize data from Showcase.
  • Consolidate and store complete sales documentation for sales representatives.
  • Create and update Price Lists and Quotations to send to clients.

Throughout Marketing and Sales:

  • Integrate email marketing system and virtual switchboard.
  • Track interaction logs with each client.
  • Create and manage sales tasks.
  • Automatic schedule reminders on mobile applications and desktops.

Visual and Convenient Reports:

  • Analyze and evaluate the ROI effectiveness of marketing sources.
  • Variety of business reports, performance of staff activities.
  • Aggregate and report on customer behavior.

Order Management and Inventory:

  • Update the status to “hold” (temporarily suspend transactions) for apartments.
  • Manage and approve apartment change requests.
  • Manage and approve discounts.
  • Manage canceled orders, approvals, and refunds.
  • Manage distribution partners.
  • Commission payment by ratio.
  • Develop and implement a home delivery checklist.

Payment and Cash Flow Management:

  • Automatically plan payments based on milestones.
  • Create payment reminders when due.
  • Allow approval of payment status.
  • Automatically send debt reminder letters to customers.
  • Track payment history for each customer.
  • Manage interest rates due to late payments.
  • Forecast cash flow.
  • Dashboard to monitor information and payment progress of projects.


“Synchronize and streamline the process of marketing, sales, and customer care. It is an integrated platform that supports all real estate business operations.”

  • Complete and accurate information
  • Easy to lookup and manage information
  • Optimize business and operation processes.

“By utilizing cloud computing technology, businesses can access data anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection without the need for a software management team or IT infrastructure.”