Client: Ujjain Smart City Limited (USCL); PADECO India | Duration: August 2020 – Ongoing | Location: India

About: MRIDA (Mahakaal Rudrasagar Integrated Development Approach): The selected ABD area is primarily the core city of Ujjain which encircles around Mahakal Temple and surrounding prominent temples. Out of 400 ha of ABD area, 40 Ha is covered by Mahakaal Temple, Rudra Sagar Lake, and the immediate surrounding area which falls under MRIDA Plan. Under MRIDA phase I and II, several new infrastructures are planned to increase the capacity of the road network and address traffic congestion issues. New parking lots are envisaged at different locations around the Rudra Sagar Lake and several road widening projects are part of the project or considered under another source of funding. The choice of these projects is mostly based on opportunities such as land availability rather than a comprehensive strategy for the improvement of the mobility in the area.

The goal of this study is to develop a mobility and traffic plan to make use of available resources wisely to address mobility issues encountered in the study area. The main objectives of this study are to:

  • Identify the main challenges and opportunities in terms of mobility;

  • Explore different scenarios for the future development of the area;

  • Engage key stakeholders in the identification and selection process;

  • Shortlist project activities and prepare further studies.

Specific tasks include:

  • Site visit to Ujjain MRIDA area

  • Mobility Surveys including TVC, TMC, On-street / Off-street Parking, Pedestrian, O&D surveys to understand the causes of congestions, irregularities in parking

  • Development of Interim Report to perform data analysis of collected data (Primary & Secondary data) with the creation of Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ)

  • Development of Traffic Scenarios during Normal days, Saturday/Sunday, and key activities including different festivals, and Simhastha Mela which happens every 12 years.