India Sewer Treatment Plant Web App

Client: Sanjay Gupta and Associates | Duration: November 2017 – March 2018 | Location: India

About: Sewage treatment is the process of removing unwanted contaminants from wastewater. The wastewater mostly is generated by residential, industrial, and commercial establishments. India has thousands of sewage treatment plants (STPs) spread across its topography and managing and extracting key information about these STPs can be a tall order.

The main purpose of the project is to develop Web GIS applications for vieiwing and modifying information sewage treatment plants spread throughout India. These web map applications are designed to be viewed on any time, anywhere on any device by anyone with proper access. This allows for better understanding of the data, observing patterns or phenomenon which may not be as visible reading between table records. Having this kind of tool at their disposal, decision makers will be able to better strategize their projects and operations.

The Web GIS application was developed by Spatial Decisions to serve as a visual medium in viewing critical information about sewage treatment plants spread throughout India. Under the GIS services provided, the work included:

  • Managing and cleaning tabular data to be used for creating the STP points.
  • These tables contain essential information about each sewerage treatment plants such as absolute locations, technology used, capacity, threshold and status, among others.
  • Creation of GIS database and maps
  • Proper symbolization based on STP Status, Capacity, Technology etc.
  • Publishing map services and configuring capabilities as a precursor for creating the web maps
  • Creating two aesthetically pleasing, informative web GIS applications. One web -GIS application was designed for viewing and editing information such as adding new STPs or modifying information on existing ones. Another one was designed for viewing and querying features using configured tools, filters and widgets.
  • Creating easy to follow instruction manuals and presentation materials for the clients