Kapil Chaudhery

Managing Director
Urban and Regional Planner, Climate Resilience

An alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, Kapil Chaudhery, as the director of Spatial Decisions leads his team in India and Vietnam. He received his bachelor’s degree in architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 1988. After establishing Spatial Decisions in New Delhi, India in 1999, he expanded his practice to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2006.

Kapil Chaudhery is passionate about building pathways from theory to practice. Design and Build has been his way of expressing his intent to bring small changes starting off from the surrounding community to the city level mainly focusing on climate change, sustainable urban development, energy and environment. He has worked in the position of international team lead on multi and bi-lateral projects for almost 35 years in Urban planning and Development, Landscape Architecture, Climate Resilience, Nature-based Solutions and GIS application.

In his past life Mr. Kapil pursuit of cross-country driving has taken him to all the major national parks in the USA. He also enjoys mountain biking.