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Spatial & Development Planning

Planning Urban, regional and environmental planning represents a broad continuum of spatial planning that we excel in. Working seamlessly in from the regional scale to the urban core, we integrate a planning ethic that draws upon the environmental and ecological platform for development action.

Working with issues of urban, rural and regional development our strength lies in addressing water resource management, water supply and sanitation issues, focus on basic livelihood, and disaster risk management for vulnerable communities.

Strengthening our technical competence is our continued commitment to research and academic involvements where a number of our team members participate in framing and directing research activities, organizing workshops and conducting training programs. In addition we remain associated with the academic community as visiting faculty and research collaborators in India and in Vietnam.

Some of the challenging and interesting opportunities we have addressed as planners have been on:

• Eastern QuangNam Development, Vietnam
• Coastal Zone Management Plan, India
• Land Use Planning for Northern Vietnam
• Urban/ City Development Plans, India
• River Basin Management Programs, India