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GIS & Information Solutions

Planning Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing Database Solutions, and Application Development form a core technical capacity of Spatial Decisions. Our expertise is directed in this technical domain to use these technologies as tools to address problems of urban and regional development.

In itself, the technology platform offers a substantial diversity of opportunities and we have synergized this domain with our spatial planning expertise to provide uniquely different approach to the use of GIS as well as to Urban and Regional Planning. Supporting other business segments, we have used GIS, database systems, application development capabilities, and web-based solutions to provide project specific solutions.

Our projects in this domain are frequently synergized with our Planning domain to others being uniquely independent and innovative. Interesting assignments we have addressed include:

• Predictive Modeling for Avian Influenza, Vietnam
• Asset Management for Wastewater Management , Vietnam
• Water Supply Master Plan Development, New Delhi, India
• National Target Program for Climate Change, Vietnam
• Property Tax Assessment System, India
• Natural Disaster Risk Management, Vietnam